The Margate School is a not for profit organisation and we are keen to make the Festival accessible to as many people as possible. A key aspect of the School’s activity is to reach out to underprivileged groups and to make art and design education and experiences obtainable.

Creating relationships with partners will be vital to delivering this ambition and we need your support. It’s an opportunity for you to support a project which will enrich our community, Margate High Street, the design community and education, and will put you in a position where you are visible to our audience.

Our Partnership Invitation document contains information on how you can support us to deliver this exciting Festival.

Margate Festival of Design is an ambitious project, but we need the help of partners and donors to make it happen. The money you pledge will be spent on facilitating community workshops, attracting high profile speakers, materials and marketing the event outside of our current network.

Download our Partnership Invitation below to find out about  our different Partnership packages, or get in touch if you have other ideas on how we could work together.

Mamimu speaks to the Visual Communication students at The Margate School
MAMIMU speaks to Visual Communication students at The Margate School. Credit: Jordan Mary Photography