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Margate Festival of Design

26 - 31 OCTOBER 2024


The Margate Festival of Design is produced by The Margate School. The School was founded on the principle that art, in all its forms, must connect with and benefit society and nature. We know that what is good for people can also be good for the planet, but to achieve this balance in a world that has become so dangerously unbalanced will not be easy. We believe that designers and creative thinkers across all disciplines must play a vital, even radical role in creating a better future for people and planet.

This is why we devoted the Margate Festival of Design 2023 to exploring how design can change the world we live in;  from reviving the High Street to fighting for social justice. The challenges are huge, but change is possible and we must act now. Join us, to explore inspiring socially and environmentally engaged design practice in Margate, Thanet and beyond. 

The festival programme will include talks, workshops and exhibitions that invite you to learn, share ideas, get creative and celebrate the kind of design that helps you believe that a brighter future is possible.

The TMS building


The Margate School (TMS) is an independent not-for-profit postgraduate liberal arts school located in the former Woolworths building on Margate’s High Street.

Since opening our doors in June 2019 the school has become a thriving creative hub for the local community, and continues to play an influential role in the regeneration of the town.

We offer a range of socially and environmentally engaged postgraduate programmes, short courses and creative residences. We also offer affordable studio spaces and specialist facilities to local creatives, and host events, workshops, lectures and exhibitions all year round.

Last year, we produced the first Margate Festival of Design. Our ambition for the festival is to create a space where design education, industry and our local community can come together and exchange ideas.

Students on the one year course; Visual Communication: Design Society Nature play a key role in the planning of the Margate Festival of Design, and this year their end of year show be part of the festival programme.

We are now accepting applications for courses starting in October 2024. Join the mailing list for the latest news from The Margate School.


Earlier this year we were overwhelmed by the support and good will we received from the community in Margate and beyond. This support ultimately helped us continue operating our post graduate courses, and has also allowed us to develop a number of exciting new initiatives, including a venture to offer bursaries to students, through the creation of a dedicated charity.

We are also incredibly pleased to have accepted the offer of a twenty year lease for the space we are currently occupying in the Woolworths building, which will afford us the much needed security to plan for the future.  We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported the school earlier this year and all those who continue to do so.

Please contact to discuss supporting, or taking part in the 2024 margate festival of design.


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